Flag Of The USA

Flag Of The USA

Words and music
By Jake Brooks

I’m the flag of the USA
With my face pressed toward the winds
In peace and in raging battle
I’ll  be there to defend
I proudly wear my 13 stripes
And 50 stars on blue
I’m the flag of the USA
I will  fly for you

I’m your flag, I’m not a rag
So don’t tread on me
I’m your voice of freedom
So show some courtesy
Show pride in our great country
No matter where you’re from
And pledge all your allegiance 
To this country when you come

They call me The Stars and Stripes
And The Red, White, and Blue
The Star Spangled Banner
And Old Glory
To name a few
The American flag
The U. S. flag
Are names that you can say
No matter what they call me  
I’m the flag of the USA

Copyright Brooks Bros Publishers
All Rights Reserved