Nashville Blues

Nashville Blues
Words and music 
by Jake Brooks

They call it Music City
Nashville, Tennessee
It pulls like a magnet
On country boys like me
Soft summer nights
And bright neon lights
And a chance to make 
Your dreams come true
I’ll sing you a tune
About the Nashville Blues

I rode in on a Greyhound
With stars in my eyes
Played my songs and my guitar
In every roadhouse dive
Writing all night long
And pitching my songs
Down on 16th Avenue
Paying my dues
Singin’ the Nashville Blues

You don’t play for the money
Here in guitar town
But you’ve got to be ready
When the big record man comes around
If he likes what you play
You could be on your way
Might be one of the chosen few
It’s all up to you
Singin’ the Nashville Blues


When you run out of money
They’ve got the pawn shop plan
Lost a Fender and Gibson
To the pawn shop man
Metro police 
Threw handcuffs on me
For acting out and losing my cool
Had nothing to lose
Singin’ the Nashville Blues

When you live for the music
 Sometimes you just can’t make ends meet
Sold my blood for ten dollars
Down on Charlotte street
Just trying to survive
To keep the big dream alive
As fragile as my fading youth
Facing the truth
Singing the Nashville Blues

I’ve got no misgivings
About the choices I made
I’m making a living
Just working the trades
But when the weekend comes ‘round
In some border town
We’re still out there
Still raising the roof
Still paying our dues
Singing the Nashville Blues

Paying our dues
Singin’ the Nashville Blues

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All rights reserved